1. Agreement

The doctor informs the patient about the benefits and risks of the in vitro cancer test IndiTreat®. When agreement to perform the IndiTreat® test is achieved, the Test-Order form will be signed.

2. Tissue sampling and shipping

A tumor sample is collected from a resected specimen or during a biopsy typically from the liver. The tumor tissue is placed in a special medium to keep the tumor cells alive and transported in a dedicated 2cureX transport box to a nearby 2cureX laboratory within 24 hours.

3. Processing the tumor sample

In the first part of the IndiTreat® test, the 2cureX laboratory creates hundreds to thousands of 3D microtumors from the collected tumor tissue. Subsequently, the microtumors are grown in tubes of the 2cureX laboratory.

4. Conducting IndiTreat® test

After some days of uninhibited growth, the 3D microtumors are treated with a panel of different cancer drugs or drug combinations in order to measure growth inhibition or disintegration (death) of the microtumors.

5. Evaluation and reporting

The response of microtumors to the different drugs is classified as drug sensitive or drug resistant. An IndiTreat test report is send to the doctor.

6. Individualized therapy choice

Based on the IndiTreat® result and after consideration of all available information on the patient, the doctor decides which treatment she/he will recommend the patient.

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