IndiTreat® IGNITE

IndiTreat® IGNITE – our complimentary trial programme for all IndiTreat® products

2cureX is pioneering the use of drug sensitivity testing in a clinical setting. We invite you, through our IndiTreat® IGNITE programme, to try our range of IndiTreat® products for a trial period with no obligation. For more information or to contact the person responsible for helping you to set up the IGNITE program, please reach out to your local contact.

Why is clinical drug sensitivity testing important?

For several decades, genomics and the unravelling of the human genome were heralded as the solution for treating all cancers. This has not become a reality. Detailed analyses show that currently only 28% of patients have a suitable biomarker that allows individualization of treatments. Of those 28%, only 37% benefit from the selected therapy.*

Clinical drug sensitivity testing is NOT meant to REPLACE genomics initiatives. Instead it serves as an additional diagnostic tool, perfectly complementing existing clinical routines. To run IndiTreat®, we need only a biopsy containing living cells, which is then shipped to our clinical testing lab. Within three weeks, a comprehensive report containing the individual patient’s drug response profile will be available.

*Haslam A, Kim MS, Prasad V. Updated estimates of eligibility for and response to genome-targeted oncology drugs among US cancer patients, 2006-2020. Ann Oncol. 2021;32(7):926-932. doi:10.1016/j.annonc.2021.04.003

IndiTreat® Test Process

Trial programme

We currently offer tests for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) therapies based on routine guidelines for first and third-line therapy. We offer an additional third-line test for promising off-label drugs. To discover how IndiTreat® fits perfectly in your routine, and offers a significant complement to your existing processes, click here to find the contact details of the person who will help you set up the IGNITE programme in your institution.

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