IndiTreat® mCRC Explore


The target for the IndiTreat® mCRC Explore test is patients with metastatic colorectal cancer showing tumor progression after at least two previous lines of drug therapy. The aim of treatment is palliative, with the intention to extend survival and/or improve quality of life


When a patient shows disease progression after having received second line therapy, one treatment option is to “re-challenge” with oxaliplatin- or irinotecan-based regimens used in first line. Another option is treatment with drugs recommended as third line in international guidelines. These are the multi-targeted kinase inhibitor
regorafenib or an oral agent that combines trifluridine and tipiracil. A third option is to explore if the patient benefits from treatment with approved but off-label drug regimens in colorectal cancer such as mitomycin C plus fluorouracil, gemcitabine plus fluorouracil or temozolomide plus irinotecan.


In general, overall survival in mCRC beyond second line is low -around 5 months with Standard of Care- and the improvement with the off-label use of drugs is modest.

Regorafenib 6.5 months Grothey et al. Lancet 2013
Jan 26;381 (9863): 303-12
Trifluridine + Tipiracil 7.1 months Grothey et al. Lancet 2013
Mayer et al. N Engl J Med 2015
May 14, 372 (20): 1909-19
Mitomycin C + Capecitabine 7.5 months Petrelli et al. Anticancer Drugs 2016
Jul; 27(6) :488-95
Gemcitabine + Capecitabine 6.5 months Jiménez-Fonseca et al. Clin Transl Oncol
2015 May; 17(5): 416-7
Temozolomide + Irinotecan *13.8 months Morano et al. Ann Oncol 2018
Aug 1; 29(8): 1800-1806

*in irinotecan-sensitive tumors bearing MGMT methylation


The unique value of the IndiTreat® test is that the individual patient response is predicted based on tumoroids created from the patient’s own tumor cells. This is important for clinical practice, as patients not likely to respond to treatment can be spared a therapy with troublesome adverse effects. Conversely, patients likely to respond can benefit from a longer Overall Survival than the average one reported in clinical trials.

IndiTreat® mCRC Explore – DRUG PANEL
Ordering Code: 2CX-01-CRC-03
Trifluridine + tipiracil Mitomycin + 5FU
Regorafenib Temozolamide + irinotecan
Gemcitabine + 5FU