For physicians finding the right cancer treatment is challenging, although cancer treatment guidelines are a tool to help direct therapy for many types of cancer, there are times when these guidelines fall short. What should you do when patients are refractory to initial treatment, have tumor types or tumors with no established protocol, or suffer from recurrent cancer? While not intended to replace standard of care, a pretherapeutic drug response profile can be valuable in helping you identify treatment choices that are more likely to be effective for your particular cancer patient.


IndiTreat® is a fresh tissue platform that uses the patient’s own live tumor samples to help oncologists identify effective treatment options for each patient

IndiTreat® was created to help you rule out chemotherapies that won´t work and focus on the ones that are likely to work—improving outcome and avoiding side-effects of ineffective treatment.

Personalized treatment plan

No two cancer patients are the same, and neither is their response to chemotherapy. With IndiTreat® you can personalize your patient’s treatment plan by testing multiple single or combination drug therapy regimen in the lab before choosing one for your cancer patient. Depending on the type of cancer and your patient’s needs.

Select up to 24 drugs or drug combinations and use your experience and knowledge of each patient to choose a standard panel or design a custom panel. Choosing agents from different drug classes may help you evaluate alternative treatment options for your patients.

Requires a small sample

In addition to helping protect your patients from ineffective therapies, you also want to spare them from any unnecessary procedures. IndiTreat® can help you accomplish both. The test requires a small tissue sample from surgery. This small sample size allows for less invasive procedures at multiple stages of care. Because microtumors grow in culture, IndiTreat® ensures enrichment of relevant malignant cells for testing.