What is IndiTreat®?

IndiTreat® is a functional cancer test that measures which drug or drug combination is most effective on each patient’s cancer tumor. IndiTreat® measures both treatment efficiency and resistance.

Is the IndiTreat® test suitable for me?

IndiTreat is developed for patients with solid tumors where the physician needs to determine which medical treatment is most suited to target the patient’s tumor. At this moment IndiTreat is available for Colorectal Cancer and clinical studies are under way for Ovarian and Pancreatic cancer.

Can an IndiTreat® test be performed at any time?

If it has been decided with your doctor that it makes sense to carry out the IndiTreat test in your case, it can be performed by scheduling you for a tissue biopsy. This can be both a needle biopsy from metastases in for example the liver or from resective tissue from the tumor itself. The tissue biopsy will be sent to the 2cureX central laboratory.

Within 14 working days, your doctor will receive the test result from 2cureX and will be able to discuss it with you. In a few cases it may be that the tissue sample contains too few tumor cells for the test procedure and the drug/tumor sensitivity can not be determined.

How can I get the IndiTreat® test done?

You can not request the test yourself, but you must contact your doctor. Your physician can request the test at 2cureX.

Will I be cured with IndiTreat®?

IndiTreat® is not a treatment or a drug, but a functional test to determine how sensitive you and your tumor are towards different cancer drug therapies. With the result of the IndiTreat® test, you can work with your doctor on a broader information base to decide which treatment plan is best for your situation.

Why should I choose IndiTreat®?

The IndiTreat® test can help you answer the question of whether and which cancer drug therapy is useful in your case or whether you can safely do without it.

How does my doctor get tumor tissue for the IndiTreat® test?

Your doctor will take a small tissue sample from the tumor or from a metastasis for example in the liver trough a needle biopsy. This tissue sample is then sent to 2cureX central laboratory.

How long does it take for the result to arrive?

The result of the IndiTreat test is available within 14 working days and is immediately forwarded to your doctor.

Where is the IndiTreat® test performed?

The IndiTreat® test is conducted in the central laboratories of 2cureX in Copenhagen, Denmark or Hamburg, Germany. Our laboratory meets all the required quality requirements and is certified accordingly. The necessary controls are repeated regularly.