What is IndiTreat®?

The way in which therapy decisions are made for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients is changing. Functional drug sensitivity testing (f-DST) offers a new approach by providing a clinically actionable assessment of truly personalized drug sensitivity profiles.

The concept is straightforward. Starting from a biopsy of the patient’s tumor, we grow 3D-biological replicas in our central laboratory, and use them to evaluate the impact of individual drugs and complex combination therapies (doublets and triplets) for which no biomarkers exist. For the first time, you can obtain information that indicates the way in which a patient’s tumor can respond to different chemotherapy backbones.

It is our mission to improve patients’ outcomes by establishing individualized drug sensitivity profiling as routine practice in oncology, so that all treatment decisions are supported by a personal test. To this aim, we develop products for individualized therapy selection, and bring them through the regulatory and reimbursement pathways to make them available to healthcare professionals and their patients all over the world.

That’s our journey. That’s what we do. Every day. Join us.

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